Don't Overlook These Important Considerations When Choosing Corporate Awards

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Don't Overlook These Important Considerations When Choosing Corporate Awards

31 March 2016
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Corporate awards can go a long way toward motivating employees to do more and achieve more; they realize that their contributions are valuable and will be recognized by managers and business owners, so they may be motivated to do their best when they see you hand out corporate awards. When you are ready to shop for trophies, plaques, and the like, note a few considerations you don't want to overlook so you know you always make the right choice.

1. Budget

You'll need to consider your budget for the award and for extras like engraving the plaque and trophy, and this amount may be more important than you realize. Once you start handing out awards, it's usually expected that you continue to hand out those awards year after year! Your company may be doing very well financially this year so you're happy to invest in a more expensive trophy or plaque, but consider if you'll want to continue to spend that much on awards in the years to come.

This is especially important if you have a number of awards you hand out or if you do this every quarter versus every year, as the costs of these awards can then easily add up. Think of your future budget and costs when deciding on awards so you know you can always easily afford them.

2. Make it functional

If you want employees to actually display their awards rather than put them on a back shelf, make them functional. Some good choices include picture frames with an engraving at the bottom of the frame, a candy dish with something engraved on the base, a display case for business cards, or a clock and pen set. These functional items can be put out on a desk so the award is showing and is appreciated every day.

3. Choose something neutral

Along with making an award functional, you might want to ensure you choose something neutral for the material of the award so that it fits in with any office or décor. As an example, if an employee has an oak desk and the award is a dark cherry wood carving, it would easily clash with the desk and the employee might not like having it out and displayed. Opt for items like crystal or acrylic plaques, or silver or bronze trophies. These usually go with any type of style or décor so they're more likely to be displayed and appreciate by employees.

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