Follow these Guidelines to Get the Best Personalised Art

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Follow these Guidelines to Get the Best Personalised Art

22 April 2020
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The process of getting personalised art should be smooth and enjoyable for you. Unfortunately, most first time buyers do not know what to look for in an artist. This leads them to end up giving the job to people who do not fully understand the beauty of personalised art. The unfortunate bit is that sadly, one negative experience is usually all it takes to shape most people's opinions on a particular art form. If you are a first-time buyer venturing into curating art, here are simple guidelines that will help you land the perfect new additions to your home.

Have the Placement in Mind

One of the mistakes people make when looking for art to add to their homes is that they do not think the entire plan through. Mostly, they will go to the artist and request a piece that they imagine will be perfect in their interior. Sadly, when they take the finished product home, they discover that it is either too small for the space they have available, or unsuitable in some other way. The best approach to give this problem is to picture the space on your wall that you want to install the art. Figure out the dimensions and theme of art that would ideally suit that space. Then, get something personalised for that particular space.

The Size of the Art

When you are going out to curate new art, you start with a blank wall. The main goal, when starting the process, is to create something to fill the space so that it stops feeling bare. Ideally, you want art that will cover about one-third of the wall. If you go for a piece that covers more than that space, your wall ends up looking too busy. On the other hand, when you go below that, the wall remains bare. You can also choose two wall hangings that occupy a sixth of the wall's surface area each.

Matching with Décor

The other crucial consideration to make before asking for new art is the overall décor of the home. Professional creators of personalised art understand that it will not exist in a vacuum. They will request to have a feel of the overall décor in the house. This guides them in picking a colour and style scheme which will blend in.

Getting customised art and personalised art pieces for the home does not have to be complicated. You only need to contact a competent painting artist to work with you.